So, you want to pass the LM/LCSW exam...the first time, huh?

Updated: Apr 7

As you prepare for that very important licensing exam, you may find yourself watching hours of Youtube videos on test taking strategies, or maybe a friend of a friend who recently took the test, gave you all of their study guides and a lucky rabbit foot too.

Perhaps you‘re in eight different Facebook groups for Social Work exam preparation. There‘s a lot of information and programs

out there, some even guarantee that you will pass on the first try....."if" you just follow their acronyms or formula for picking the right answer, that is. It's cool..I’m glad that there‘s information available for the avid professional to get prepared for licensing Exam success. The only question I have is...”Why are people still having to take this exam seven or more times before passing, or even up?“

Working at the top of your license is an important goal for many of us and like the others who have shared their wisdom and tips about first, best, last, A,D,C strategies and acronyms to pick the right answer..I too have tips for you...but there’s no masterclass, contract and no charge of course. After all, we’re Social Workers and we get our cups filled from pouring into others (did I get that cliche right? ) Without further ado.....